Nail Services

Manicure Services:

The Naked Nail Manicure Treatment   $20.00

The Basic Dry Manicure with Polish           $25.00

Gel Polish Manicure                             $35.00

Soak Off Gel with Service                     $40.00

Gel Polish Removal                              $15.00


Gel FX Enhancements:

Gel FX Natural Nail Manicure             $45.00

Gel FX Sculpted Full Set                    $55.00

Gel FX ReBalance                              $35.00

Gel FX Removal                                  $25.00

Gel FX Polish Removal                       $15.00


Natural Nail Enhancements:

(Bodyguard for strong nails)

Bodyguard Natural Nail Overlay             $30.00

Bodyguard ReBalance                            $20.00

Bodyguard Gel Removal                         $15.00

(Flexinail for weaker nails)

Flexinail Natural Nail Overlay                  $30.00

Flexinail ReBalance                                 $20.00

Flexinail Gel Removal                              $15.00


Add Gel Polish to a Service                     $15.00

All pricing and services are subject to change.

I do not fill nail enhancements that we did not apply.